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What if in a few months from now your life was so AMAZING you didn’t even recognize yourself?

Imagine what life would look like snuggled on a couch in an AirBnB in Italy with your lover, who says with pride to his friends, “Yeah, she’s with me.” How would it feel if when you saw your reflection in the mirror you twirled with pride, instead of noticing every inch of cellulite? What would it be like to finally have that peace, clarity, and freedom, knowing that you don’t have to check your phone “one more time” because you handled it ALL today like a B.O.S.S.? 

It turns out that having it all, is a lot harder than people on Instagram make it look.

You hardly even have time to go on a date, let alone find time to go to the gym, between your job and that start up business you’re slaving over at night to get off the ground.

You are strong, motivated, ambitious. You’ve got a huge vision for what you want to create. And you’ve worked your ass off to get where you are today. 

But let’s face it...

Your dream life - that freedom, that soul-enhancing relationship, that healthy body that you just rock - still seems soooo many years away.

You watch motivation video after motivation video. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on self-study programs and courses about mindset and marketing that are left half finished, because…well….you got busy. You’ve pitched yourself and your services to every single Facebook group you could find (only to be reprimanded by the admins a day later.) And the last thing you need is another webinar on branding. Or another 7-day challenge to get your bikini body. 

You know what you need to do.

You know you should hit the treadmill again. You know you need to send out that weekly newsletter….even though you’ve missed a few months. You know you should allow yourself to be open with that guy you’re seeing, but you just can’t seem to let your guard down. 

Knowing isn’t the problem. The problem is with implementation. 

But Sometimes…

  • We’re not quite sure how to clone ourselves (yet) to get everything on our to-do list done.
  • We feel a little lost as to what to work on next - should you focus on losing those last 30lbs? Or should your next goal be to hit a five figure month? And how can you do both?
  • And leaps of faith...well, those scare the sparkly shizzle out of you.
  • You need a little nudge to make those tough choices - should you stay in that relationship? Should you quit your well-compensated (but soul-crushing) job? Should you ditch your dreams of having a baby because you’re still not where you want to be yet?

It doesn’t matter how much personal or spiritual development you’ve done, there are still moments (or lets face it, months) where yoU get stuck.

And sometimes you find yourself at 1AM staring at your laptop screen with an empty glass of wine (that you finished four hours ago) stringing your hands through your hair, wondering, “How the heck I am I going to do it all?”

You don’t necessarily resonate with the airy-fairy manifesting “positive thinking” world? You hustle your ass off…hard. And you feel like you’re the only one who knows it too. 

So there you are back in front of the computer screen, watching another motivation video, trying to get your stuff off the ground, but you’re still not sure where to turn.

You don’t need more motivation. You need a coach.


Hi, I’m Kimberly Spencer and I believe you can have it all - the body, the business, the life…and your cake too.

(Go ahead, you can eat it.) 

I went from battling bulimia, bad boyfriends, and being trapped in a cycle of blame, shame, and settling for second best to loving my body, marrying my best friend, traveling the world, and creating a sparkly speaking and coaching business. And it’s possible for you two! 

Growing up in an addict family, I grew up with some pretty rotten liming beliefs and coping skills to deal with negative emotions. For years I believed the story that I was broken, damaged and a victim. In my story, I was never enough - not skinny enough, not perfect enough, not smart enough, not working hard enough. These beliefs were so deeply engrained in my unconscious that I had pattern after pattern of self-sabotage. I sabotaged my body by binging and purging. I sabotaged my relationships by choosing players, manipulators, and even one drug dealing felon as romantic partners. And, while I accomplished a lot I sabotaged my businesses by bouncing around in multiple the same time. And I letting my crappy self-worth story guide my bank account. 

Fast forward to today, I'm now have an amazing marriage with a baby, and a kickass coaching + speaking business. And I'm rocking it all in a body that I freaking adore and honor.

Kimberly changed my life. Her courageous example helped me to finally find the strength to overcome my eating disorder. Making that change has dramatically improved every aspect of my life. I’ve switched careers, found love, and done things I thought were impossible - with many thanks to Kimberly Spencer.
— Rachel J. Newell, Stand Up Comic

That's why I created The Queens Way.

You see, I got lucky on my journey to have some amazing mentors, coaches, and guides to help me pave my path, give me new resources, and eliminate the negative emotions, increase my sales, uproot my unconscious patterns, and replace them with positive High Performing habits.

Do it The Queen's Way

Not another Facebook Group (#FacePalm)

You're totally right, because that's the last thing you need.

Just like with my coaching clients, our club has an extensive application process. Much longer than three generic questions that you can totally bypass without a whim and accidentally be approved by the admin.

We only want women who are committed to total transformation. That means you're all in. In fact, in order to be in, you have to make space for The Queen's Way. And that means deleting many of the groups you're currently apart of. You've got to pair down to only the ones that are serving your needs, the ones that you either are actively engaged in or occasionally pop into. 

You'll get personal email support from me and private coaching both inside and outside our group. 

You know how when you find THE best anything, you will follow them to the ends of the earth? Well, Kimberly is that person for my needs! She’s passionate about helping you achieve your goals. She also has such a positive attitude that is so infectious that you can’t help feel invigorated and happy. For the first time in a while, I am comfortable in my own skin. I cannot recommend Kimberly enough.
— Melissa Wang, Production Business Manager

What You'll Get:

1. Weekly live group coaching from Kimberly ($1,300 value)

For when your Queen gets seized by that crappy inner critic, who spreads self-doubt, and you need a quick (and totally loving) kick in the tush. Your unconscious patterns and negative emotions will permeate every single area of your life. That's why we focus on body, business. and relationships. You will be surprised + amazed at how when you transform one area, the other areas of your life will change as well.

2. Weekly Facebook ‘Clubhouse Hours’ with Kimberly ($1300 value)

Get personal coaching on any question, problem or challenge in our secret Facebook group. We call it the “clubhouse.”

3. Work with Kimberly One-on-One ($500+ value)

Get preferred pricing on Gold + Platinum private coaching packages if you decide to work one-on-one with Kimberly as a member of The Queens Way. 

2. one Monthly 3-5 DAY Challenge.

Every month I will host a 3-5 day challenge that will stretch you to create new positive patterns in one of the three areas of your life: your body, your business, or your relationships. Sometimes I'll even bring a guest on who will take your transformation to a whole new level.

3. one 1-hour private coaching session for winners (over a $400 value)

The winner of each month's challenge will receive hour of private NLP High-Performance coaching. This is the same private coaching that I do with my clients who pay $10,000 to work with me. Exactly the same. I use tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, high-performance strategies, and I'll share with you sales strategies that can TRIPLE your income and radically improve your communication in your relationships and in your business. 


All for the price of 5 fancy lattes a month. 

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The Rules to Rule

1. We Only accept members who are a part of 25 groups or less

(This doesn't count the groups you own for your business). So start shaving off the chaff. We will count. We understand that for market research, local brick and mortar businesses, and support, you have to be in some. But those other 100 that you're half engaged in, well, say, "Sianara sistas." It's time to peace out, pair down, and focus on living YOUR life, rather than someone else's.

2. Sharing your shizzle is totally cool.

We want to support and align you with your fellow female badasses who need your awesome products and services. We know how hard you hustle to get your products and services out into the marketplace. And some of your fellow Queens in the Club may need just what your selling, even if it's just custom scarves. (Especially if you live in L.A. and it gets below 65 degrees.)

3. That being said, sharing is ONLY allowed on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we want you to #WorkIt in fact, we encourage it. Be proud of who you are, what you do, and all that you have to offer (because it's a lot). It takes a lot of guts to put your creations out there. I encourage your courage. So do it...on Wednesdays.

4. D.B.A.A. (Don't Be an Asshole).

It's one of our company's mottos. It's the motto for our group. Make it the model for your life. We use constructive criticism to grow our creativity and build on each other’s ideas, instead of taking a dump on each other’s inspiration. Name calling, group shaming, or hate speech (i.e. speech that attacks or demeans a group based on their race or ethnic origin, political association, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and/or sexual orientation), including negative speech about yourself and/or your body, is absolutely NOT tolerated.

This is a one-strike policy. Do it and you're out. No if's, and's, butt's, or refunds.

5. Commit to total transformation.

We only want women who are ALL IN. No half-assing. We support you in your highest magnificence and we refuse to argue to for your limitations. If you are 100% committed to creating the body, the business, and the life that you've always dreamed of, you're in the right place.