Are you…

  • In need of a coach but you don’t yet have the budget to hire one?

  • Just starting your first business?

  • In a direct marketing company but not as seeing much profit as you’d like from it?

  • Trading time for dollars?

  • Needing validation that your business idea is even legit?

  • Having that stirring in your gut, that you REALLY can make more money, and have more fulfillment than you currently do now?

  • Living off of your savings as you try to get your brand off the ground?

  • Still doing side hustles and bridge jobs to pay the bills?

  • Getting tripped up on the HOW to do things in your biz, like which marketing platform to focus on, or even what product to launch or what platform to launch it on?

Sound like you? Then…

You’re invited to join our exclusive, VIP membership The Princess Process.

Get VIP access to an all new members only live leadership development and success strategy training, coaching, and 24/7 support and accountability, to give you the confidence and boldness to lead as the CEO of your life, business, and empire.

(Where in our kingdom, the “C”in ceo Stands for Crowned Executive Officer.)

You are a talented, smart, visionary entrepreneur with a massive mission. You deserve to be making more money and having a bigger impact.

Let me help you build your empire.

The Princess Process - Kimberly Spencer Bio Pick.png

I am Kimberly Spencer, award-winning high performance coach, Amazon bestselling co-author, international speaker, real estate investor and founder of, with 10-year track record in sales and entrepreneurship.

My businesses have been featured on the CW, NPR, and in Oxygen, Girls Life, Pilates Style magazines and more. In 2016, I was named “Marketing Expert” in 2016 by I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women from some of the top voice actors in Hollywood, Youtube stars, to doctors, psychologists, real estate investors, stay at home moms and consulted for million dollar companies to take their businesses to the next level.

all while wearing a crown.

And I can tell you that in order to be the Queen of your company, you’ve got to rule with vision, innovation and the big picture in mind. 

How I did increase my income in one year by 389% while working from home with a baby?

(And with no nanny…thank ya very much.)

I got a coach, I got creative, and I got connected into a mastermind of likeminded entrepreneurs. Because, statistically, according to the International Coaching Federation, coaching has an ROI of 3.44 times on your investment. And I can tell you after investing over $60,000 in my personal and business development, it pays off. 

But I get it. Private coaching can be pricy. Especially when...

  • You’re just starting out...

  • You’re living off of your savings as you try to get your business off the ground…

  • If you still have to have side-hustles and part-time jobs to support you…

  • You, frankly, aren’t bringing in more than $35,000 a year in your business...

Investing five figures on leadership and business coaching can feel unreasonable, irresponsible, and totally unrealistic.

(And scary AF BTW.)

That’s why I created The Princess Process. 

Why should royalty be any different than your business?

Think about it…

Every princess has a community that expects that she’ll be queen one day, right? And every princess has an elite council who is training and grooming her for the day she takes the throne as Queen?

Your palace is your body.

Your kingdom is your business.

Your empire is your impact.

When you expand your kingdom, with profit and prosperity (like, you know, sales of your products and services), you are able to extend the reach of your empire, serve more people, and better more lives.

That’s what Queens do, after all. That’s what leaders do.

The Princess Process - Membership Diagram (3).png


Every week we address one of these 6 pillars of expanding your empire - your business + your brand - so your business grows week by week, with the accountability, training, support, and coaching you need to boldly step into the leadership role of Queen-B(of your Business).


Start thinking like a leader, instead of a follower. Create the habits to sustain your energy + motivation.

  • Build freedom and ease into your business

  • Discover your own deeper purpose - your ultimate WHY as to why you’re building your business

  • Clear any energetic blocks that are holding you back from making the income and the impact you desire.

  • Master the balance of hustle and flow in your business

  • Overcome fear, doubt, and comparison so you’re no longer getting sidetracked with what everyone else is doing

  • Shift your limiting beliefs around money so that you can receive all the abundance you desire


Sharpen, hone, and refine your products, services, and the commerce that every kingdom needs to thrive.

  • Learn how you can turn all your passions into one holistic brand and business

  • Package your unique skillset and abilities at premium prices

  • Develop your authentic speaking, teaching, and training style that showcases your specialities and separates you from the crowd

  • Know exactly what you need to focus on the most when you don’t have time to focus on everything

  • Master the coaching and communication skills to transform your clients lives


Build a secure support structure into your kingdom’s daily needs to sustain itself.

  • Learn the “techy” side of building a successful business and the tools to do it with from email providers, to payment processing systems, to landing pages, membership sites, and more

  • Get the high performance project management tools to 10x your productivity

  • Build, train, and learn what to pay your own Queen Team

  • Discover the legal things to take care of including contracts, projections, and how to deal with legal issues and unsatisfied customers

  • Know exactly how to manage your projects and what systems to use to structure your business and life.


Every queen knows how her public receives her and how she is perceived in the eyes of her kingdom.

  • Write kickass copy that converts your prospects to buyers and creates a community of raving fans

  • Get clear on who specifically you want to serve, how you can help and how to appeal to the frontend of their problem with every single one of your packages and products

  • Nail your niche so you speak with clarity to the right audience for your expertise.

  • Craft your signature story that attracts your ideal customers into your realm

  • Find consistent paying clients and learn how to collect rockstar testimonials and referrals


Master your messaging, communication, and influence skills and make your kingdom (and you) irresistible.

  • Set up a winning strategy for social media so you get the influence and the PR you deserve

  • Design and implement funnels for passive income, so you can make money while you sleep

  • Easily create an inexpensive, beautiful website that connects, converts, and sells

  • Understand the “techy” side of marketing from data analysis, strategies, heat maps, tags, and how to interpret it

  • Learn how to keep people coming to the kingdom of your business again, and again and how to keep them there


Serve through conscious, centered selling and purposeful persuasion with authenticity and vulnerability.

  • Gain the confidence and alignment to close customers on you $10,000 packages with ease

  • Have the endurance and centeredness of a Queen understanding when asking for the sale

  • Learn how to stop feeling sleazy when you ask for money and instead connect to service and spirituality (yes, this can happen!)

  • Master your positioning, persuasion skills, and influence as the go-to gal for your ideal customer

  • Learn how to overcome objections with ease to consistently convert prospects into clients

  • Get the techniques and tools to scientifically increase sales up to 300%

And all on the bedrock of accountability from me and a supportive community of fellow empire builders who are cheering you on as you ascend to your throne.

+ New Content Added Every Single Month!!!

And the Best Part…



no.1 - 30-Minute 1:1 bonus coaching session (Value $250)

It is my core desire to get to know you so I can support you on your rise to rule. That’s why, when you join now, you get 30-minutes of coaching with me on your goals for the next 6 months, and the struggles you’re facing right now.

NO.2 - #SELL LIKE A quEEN 5-hOUR sELF-sTUDY coURSE (value $111)

Gain immediate lifetime access to my 5-hour self-study deep dive into NLP sales strategies, and a proven processes to skyrocket your sales up to 300%! (It's like getting your first 2 months of The Princess Process for free! ) 

No.3 - #Productivity Power 6-Hour Self Studio Course (Value $47)

Gain immediate lifetime access to my kickass, time-ticking, rockstar efficient productivity training, filled with proven processes to kick your goals into gear with a clear direction and strategies to get you moving forward in full force to your dreams!

So how does The Princess Process Membership work?

Once you sign up for The Princess Process, you’ll receive an email AND a confirmation page, where you will also get your bonus 20-minute free session and immediate access to your #SellLikeaQueen Self-Study course. So you can start…right now.

Once you’re inside, within 24-48 hours you will gain access to the VIP Princess Process Facebook group available ONLY to VIP members. This is where you can bond, connect, mastermind, share your thoughts and ideas and get to know the other princesses who are on their route to rule their business. This is also where all of our live trainings and coaching sessions will be going down.

Both my Queen Team and I will be adding NEW courses, workbooks, cheat sheets, video trainings (recorded live in the VIP group), guided meditations, hypnosis audios, checklists, tools, and all the good stuff to your membership site, as we grow. As long as you stay a member and keep your VIP status in good standing, you will have LIFETIME access to it all!

That means…

  • 2X Monthly Coaching Calls- Get laser group coaching with me on whatever topic you need clarity on to grow your business, enhance your life, and step up as the leader you were born to be. This is where you, as a leader get to ask for help, support, and get the breakthroughs you need to push forward.  If you miss a live sesh, no worries - we put the recordings in your member's area free! (Value $875)

  • 1X Monthly Training or Guest Training- Get the powerful performance strategies to transform your business, before anyone else knows about them on one of the pillars in The Princess Process. (Value $597)

  • Weekly Deliverables: These are the nitty gritty systems, tools, and explainer videos, checklists, hypnosis recordings, meditations, swipe files, contracts, and all the things you need to get and keep your kingdom up and running. (Value $399)

  • 24/7 COMMUNITY FOR SUPPORT: You are most like the 5 people you surround yourself after all, right? Connect with a group of mission-minded, goal-oriented, heart-centered, female entrepreneurs who, like you, are taking their business to the next level. Share your thoughts, test your ideas, support each others strategies and supercharge your success when you tap into this powerful support network 24/7. (Value: priceless)

so you can Start growing your empire right now.

Why Should I Become a Member?

You will also get exclusive trainings from me, meditations, hypnosis audios, ebooks, cheat sheets, literally, these are things I usually ONLY share with my private clients. And you get rockstar, badass, cheer-you-on, raise your vibe coaching with me…LIVE that will keep you sitting pretty on your throne (instead of Fear…she don’t belong up in your kingdom.).

You are saving literally THOUSANDS of dollars a month, and maintaining your sanity…because it’s all in ONE place.

My private clients pay me $10,000 for 6 months.

My group coaching program, The Queens Way, is $2000 for 4 months.

The Princess Process is the best place to work with me as your coach consistently with no commitment, no high fees, and access to live weekly group coaching and training - available to no one else outside our VIPs.

past trainings in include…

  • How to Build Freedom into Your Business Model

  • Pricing + Packaging Like a PRO-incess

  • Tap Dat’ App: How to Get More Likes, Followers, and Subscribers

  • Royal Writing Workshop for Copy that Converts like Crazypants

  • Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: How to Obtain Testimonials + Get Press


Are There Any Risks to Becoming a VIP Member?

If you don't absolutely love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails or reaching out to us at You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again.

However, a cancellation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you.

And if you cancel, you can't access prior months trainings either. Sounds fair, right? It's just like if you cancel Netflix  you don't get access anymore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to The Princess Process?

You will have access to the trainings, coaching calls, resources, for as long as you maintain your membership in good standing. Whether you retain your membership for a month or for three years, you will have lifetime access to the #SellLikeaQueen self-study course, as my gift to you.

I just started my business. Is this program right for me?

Abso-freaking-lutely! There is no reason to wait to get your first paying client or to launch your products. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for a while and still aren’t making the big money you want, you just need to master the knowledge I’ll be sharing with you in this program. There is always room for more growth. This program gives you the step-by-step process of how to monetize your knowledge, sign paying clients, create and market your products and services, and have a crazy successful business that stands out from anyone else in your market, so you can start living the life of freedom and ease…on your terms!

So the question is, do you want to make money now or later?

I have a brick and mortar business. Will this program still work for me?

Totally! I’ve owned three types of businesses - e-commerce, a brick-and-mortar Pilates studio, and coaching and digital education (aka Crown Yourself). The same six pillars of The Princess Process apply to brick and mortar business, e-commerce, businesses, and virtual businesses.

Do I need to be a coach or want to coach?

Coaching is just a form of elevated communication. Learning to ask the right types of questions of your customers that help transform their lives will help your business regardless whether you choose to define yourself as a coach or not.. The information you have retained through ALL of your years on this planet and all the experiences you have given you a plethora of knowledge, that you can also be well-compensated for. It’s an option for your business as another stream of income, even if you currently sell products. It’s not necessity. But, the average millionaire has seven streams of income. How many do you have currently?

Everything I teach will help you build a successful service-based business, and how to sell in your industry (without being sleazy, pushy or sales-y), no matter what industry you’re in.

What if I don’t have a big following or a newsletter list yet?

You don’t need one. Don’t get me wrong, having the 10,000 follower swipe up feature on Instagram is awesome, but if you don’t have that, no prob. It’s something we’ll work on together. (Hey, I’m still working on it.) You’ll be surprised at how you can monetize the people you’ve already got following you. In six months, you’ll have more than you came in with, when you do the work - that’s for sure!

I had my first $10,000 month with a list of under 500 people. It’s not about the numbers you have following you. It’s about positioning. And how you can serve. And getting super clear on who your ideal client is, and attracting them into your world. And that you’ll learn in The Princess Process.

What tools will I need to be a member of The Princess Process?

All you need is a computer (or smart phone), an email account, and a Facebook account. You can even go old school and use a pen and paper to take notes and complete your assignments, if you like. Otherwise, a printer also works to print any worksheets, cheat sheets, or other assignments.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this program or would like to request coaching for the following week, email, and myself or one of my Queen Team members will get back to you with an answer. You’re VIP, so you get priority response. Just type “VIP” in the subject line.

How long is the program?

Each week we dive into a new topic on one of the six pillars of building your empire. We grow and go more in depth on these topics depending on the needs of this group and as your business grows. You can stay for as long as it serves you. Our goal is to continue to serve as your business continues to grow.

Do I have to have a business yet to be able to join?

Absolutely not! If you’ve got an idea or a passion or side-hustle that you’d like to see bring in some extra income, you are more than welcome to learn and grow. One of our core principles at Crown Yourself™ is that how you do anything is how you do everything, and the principles that apply in business apply just as much in your personal life and relationships as well.

And even if you’re in an employee or career position, the job market is changing. They are looking for more autonomous, creative, big thinkers. That is the entrepreneurial mindset…even if you’re an employee.

Keep in mind that The Princess Process is totally self-paced and you may take as long as you need to work through each week’s trainings and assignments. However, I do recommend that you join live week by week in real time so you have access to getting the laser coaching on the specific area that week where you’re struggling…Or if you just need someone to celebrate with, joining live is the best way to get the cheerleading energy you need to move faster week by week.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, absolutely!

When does The Princess Process start and finish?

The Princess Process starts as soon as you register. You’ll instantly get access to your bonuses, so you can #SellLikeaQueen and schedule your 1:1 call with me. When joining the program, you’ll also gain access to our incredible community of growth-minded, heart-centered female entrepreneurs like yourself. And it finishes when you choose to cancel your membership.

Keep in mind that once you have enrolled, the only way to retain access to all the VIP calls and trainings is to retain your membership in good standing. Our goal is to grow with you as you scale your company to millions of dollars as well.

Will all calls be recorded? How will i get the training materials?

You have the opportunity to participate in everything live. This is a completely virtual program, so as long as you have access to a computer, you’re set. The calls and training will be stored in the Facebook Group and in your Membership Site. Once you register, you’ll get a nice login-in with that information. All calls will be recorded and all the links will be given to you so you can download and listen on your own time. The information provided on these calls will help you master every pat of your business building process no matter where you are in the world. If you have questions, you can always email (Just put VIP in the subject line…because you are.)

What are the weekly times for the live laser coaching group calls?

The calls are Thursdays 12PM PST. However times and dates are subject to change. And even if you can’t make it to a live call, you’ll always have access to the recording that you can listen to at any time…kind of like your own personal podcast.

We’ve got the champs on ice for you on the other side. So the question is…

How badly do you want your dream to become your new normal?