100% Sparkly + 100% Real.

A born n' raised California Valley Girl powered by a little green juice and a whole lotta glitter, I am proud to have helped hundreds of clients create a body + life that rules! 

Through private coaching, Communication Queen workshops, and an Amazon Best-Seller, I help people like you take massive action to achieve major results.

I never did fit into the the conventional box. 

From winning Miss Congeniality, to co-penning a hardcore motocross movie for Lionsgate, to owning a national online company and running private Pilates studio, to being named "Pilates Pro" by Oxygen magazine, I'm living proof that it's far better to make your own mold than to fit into someone else's. Mine just happens to have a tiara on top. 


Growing up, I constantly changed myself, adapting to fit into other people's molds so they'd love and accept me. Little did I realize I'd chipped away so much of me, I'd made myself unrecognizable. I hated what I saw in the mirror...and I punished my body for it with ten years of bulimia. I let other people's perceptions of me rule my life. That's when it hit me:

why let other people define you?

Why not create the Queen you want to be. I chose to rule my life. I accepted being "undefinable" and created the me I am proud to be today: quirky dance moves, occasional potty mouth, multiple careers, curves and all. I realized that true, lifelong transformation will never come from the outside in. We can work our bodies to the bone, but until we harmonize our thoughts to align with our choices and actions, we can never feel truly, congruently authentic.

From here, massive transformation ensued. I reconnected with my inner child-rockstar. I created three powerful, purpose based businesses: my private coaching and speaking biz, Fitness with Kim, and Crown Yourself. In gaining my freedom, I also had to let go of two other successful businesses. And in the meantime, I contributed to an #1 Amazon Best Seller and aligned my mission with my message. 

I now live happy, whole, and totally sparkly in Los Angeles with my hubby, Spike, my growing pregnant belly, while piling up frequent flyer miles as we travel the world...bump and all. So, my question now is, how do you want to rule? If you're ready to find out, click here.

Spike + Me

                   #1 Amazon Bestseller

Crown Yourself

Declan...Coming in July 2017

Capturing beauty everywhere

Spreading the word

Traveling through Australia

you design how you rule. I'll show you how.

I help women rock their bodies + rule their lives with fierce authenticity. We transform your perception that the power is outside of yourself and in other people. We eliminate all the negative emotions and limiting decisions that are holding you back from total transformation into the Queen you are born to be! We neurologically break the patterns that are holding you back and create new positive patterns to launch you into success. My work is highly personalized and tailor-made to each and every one of my clients. 


I know! Because I've been where you are: wanting to sparkle, but scared to stand out, caring way too much about what other people think, feeling like struggle must be a part of success, got a whole lotta of love + ideas, but not sure where to start or how, and putting a TON of pressure on yourself to be perfect...in body, mind, career, relationships...basically in every area of your life. It's exhausting, right? 

I'm here to let you know you can stand out. I'll show you how those ideas can be transformed into action so that success can come as easily as all those ideas you've got in your big, beautiful brain! If it's you're ready to take some of the pressure off yourself...

Let's see if we'd be a great fit to work together.

I have a high criteria for my clients and I only work with people who...

  • Have a powerful mission + message that they NEED to share with the world. (They're just a little stuck on the HOW, and probably have a few fears, and limiting beliefs that are standing in their way too.);
  • Are inspiring and want to make a MASSIVE impact on the world;
  • Bring a challenge (I'm not looking for an easy ride);
  • Are ready to be at cause for their life and to take the action needed to change;
  • Understand the power of commitment and are 100% committed to their results;
  • Are fun. (That's right, I only work with fun people. No Negative Nelly's or Debbie Downers need apply).

Is this you? AWESOME! Let's set up a conversation so I can get a better grasp on your needs and see if I can truly help you make massive change in your life. Apply here


Aside from massive transformation, here's how we achieve it:

  • 8 hours of private NLP sessions with me (via Skype or Zoom)
  • A tailor-made, personalized program designed with ONLY you and your massive success in mind
  • 2 Months to use the sessions
  • Unlimited email access to me in between the sessions
  • 1 Month Post Sessions of continued unlimited email access to ensure that your positive changes stick forever

Investment in yourself: $2,000 paid in full.

By application only.