ready for the most productive, proactive 16-weeks of your life?

I will call you out and I will hold you accountable. But it's not me that you're accountable to, it's to you - to your Higher Self, to your Future Self. When you work with me, you must be ready to hold yourself to a higher standard, because that's the ONLY way you're going to get to the next level. I see you in your highest magnificence and I will meet you there, Sovereign to Sovereign.

And when you do, you'll...

  • Triple your productivity

  • Get freedom from the emotional clutches of past traumas

  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, like you're not enough or that you have to be perfect

  • Discover new strategies that serve + support your goals and engraving them into your neurology

  • Say "Bye-Felica" to fear + negative emotions

  • Get freedom from the toxic, negative, or abusive relationships... especially the one you have with yourself + your body.

  • Reawaken your sense of purpose + focus

  • Kick procrastination to the curb

Let's see if we'd be a great fit to work together.

I have a high criteria for my clients and I only work with people who...

  • Feel pulled to be so much more than they are right now.

  • Are inspiring and want to make a MASSIVE impact on the world;

  • Bring a challenge (I'm not looking for an easy ride);

  • Are ready to live with #noexcuses and take the action needed to change;

  • Understand the power of commitment and are 100% committed to their results;

  • Are fun. (That's right, I only work with fun people. No Negative Nelly's or Debbie Downers need apply).


Because sometimes Life doesn't allow you to schedule your struggles.

Having it all is a lot harder than people on Instagram make it look. And sometimes, when we're in those tough spots - whether emotionally, financially, or relationally - we need a little extra "umph" to get us to try one more time, to pull us just a little further, and a little extra support to push us through the hump. And, you're stuck thinking, "There's got to be an easier way!"

there is. there's the queens way.

The Queens way is an exclusive club for female entrepreneurs who are ready to rule. I combine my signature Neurolinguistic programming + High-Performance + World Class Support trifecta to bring you massive transformation, and continuous support. Care to learn more?

Kimberly Spencer is a dynamic speaker on a variety of topics from body image and bulimia recovery, to birthing your dreams and claiming your power. With her fitness background, she brings a unique combination of NLP techniques to help fitness instructors improve their client retention, and she can incorporate movement + physical fitness into nearly any talk. She's been heard around the world, from Galway, Ireland to Adelaide, Australia, to theaters in Minnesota and to the red carpet, star-studded events of Los Angeles.

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Dieting sucks, right? But you still do it. Why? In this course we dive into how you can love + nurture your physical body (and never have to diet again), by treating her as a holistic being - physically, emotionally, and mentally.




Isn't it time you finally felt understood + all your relationships. In this course, we dive into how you can create lasting relationships with strong feminine boundaries, communication, and energy. 




Are you a slave to other people's opinions? Do you feel trapped in a very masculine, do-do-do energy? Learn the antidote to overwhelm and how to free your feminine flow so you can have the #hustle + the glow.



Master your mindset, make more mullah, and communicate like a Queen

Ready to take your life and your business to the next level? Learn the negotiation skills to influence new prospects or potential employers, and new strategies to get you stepping into the #girlboss shoes you were born to be in.


the start: journey to entrepreneurship

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The Start: Journey to Entrepreneurship is the result of candid conversations with active entrepreneurs from vastly different styles and backgrounds that allows us to discover some common and not so common traits that often go unrecognized. Nobody becomes an entrepreneur because it’s easy. In this book, we share our defining moments in our journey to entrepreneurship, revealing how we went from wannabes to "turning pro."

100% of profits benefit Lemonade Day, a non-profit that teaches kids the power of entrepreneurship. 


How to Claim Your Power

3-step guide to master your mindset + start creating the life you want

Download this free audio training to learn three strategies that will give you the confidence to step into the spotlight of your life, own your worth, and #CROWNyourself

You'll also get weekly updates to help you rule your mind, rock your bod, and #MakeItReign in yo' biz!

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