Are you…

  • Looking to create passive income streams but don’t have the time to create all those products?

  • Already sharing about how much you love our products and services?

  • Have achieved some far out goals from our coaching and want to spread the word about how awesome it is?

  • Wanting to make more money with more ease?

  • Ready to take your influence to another level?

  • Craving #CommunityOverCompetition, but aren’t sure where or how to do it?

  • Telling all your friends about the massive breakthroughs you’ve had from our coaching programs?

Sound like you? Then…

You’re invited to join our exclusive, Ambassador Program.

You know how royalty goes. You’re running a whole “kingdom,” doing all the things - making sure your people are happy, creating more amazing programs that will serve them and help them rule, sharing and getting the word out about how awesome your kingdom is.

It’s a lot, right?

That’s why every Queen has an Ambassador to help her spread the word to her fellow rulers in other kingdoms about how awesome her kingdom is, and why fellow rulers should check it out.

In ordinary business terms, this is called an Affiliate Program. But you and I both know that we prefer to be extraordinary.

why should royalty be any different than your business?

You are a talented, smart, visionary entrepreneur with a massive mission. You deserve to be making more money and having a bigger impact.

Let’s forge an alliance + build our empires together.


I am Kimberly Spencer, award-winning high performance coach, Amazon bestselling co-author, international speaker, real estate investor and founder of, with 10-year track record in sales and entrepreneurship.

My businesses have been featured on the CW, NPR, and in Oxygen, Girls Life, Pilates Style magazines and more. In 2016, I was named “Marketing Expert” in 2016 by I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women from some of the top voice actors in Hollywood, Youtube stars, to doctors, psychologists, real estate investors, stay at home moms and consulted for multi-million dollar companies to take their businesses to the next level.

all while wearing my invisible crown.

And I can tell you that in order to be the Queen of your company, you’ve got to rule with vision, innovation and the big picture in mind. 

Here’s my vision…

I want our kingdoms to align. I want you to a have ease. That’s why I’ve done all the heavy-lifting, all the product creation, all the research, and all the wo-man-hours creating these products, programs, and systems.

Because it is my mission, my massive, big-ass vision, to help more good-hearted, ambitious entrepreneurs step into their worth, and make more money doing and sharing things that they love and believe in.

That’s why I created The Crown’s Ambassador Program.

Why Should I Become an Ambassador?


As an Ambassador, you will receive a 50% commission on all our evergreen self-study courses. And you’ll receive 50% commissions from all membership programs, like The Princess Process, for as long as your referral stays a member of that program.

And, as an added bonus, when a referral mentions your name on their application for one of my premium coaching packages, you also make 10%. So you could make an additional $320 to $1500 just for sharing something that you’re already passionate about - personal growth, business acceleration, high performance, and self-mastery!

No.2 - monthly trainings + updates

Get exclusive monthly training from me inside our VIP Ambassador Facebook group. This is also where you will receive exclusive updates about new projects, content, and launches that will be happening, so you can get yourself and your team ready to make some mullah with these joint launches.


As an Ambassador, you will learn about ALL the latest products, launches, programs, and services that our Crown Yourself empire is offering. You’ll be the first to know and you'll get…

No.4 - First Hand BETA Testing Opportunities

Yes, that means, when applicable, you will be the first to TRY our new programs, and give your valuable feedback on how we can improve before we fully launch. Sometimes this will be for free, sometimes for a small, BETA testing fee.

NO.5 - Exclusive AMBASSADOR discounts

Because all Ambassadors get perks! You will get exclusive discounts off of products and services that you can choose to share or not to share with your country. We will let you know when the discounts are ones that can be shared, and which ones are just for you as our thank you for being awesome at spreading the word.

No.6 - Participate in Super Fun Launch Parties

While our courses are evergreen, we do The Princess Process three times a year. You will be able to participate in the free challenges and trainings, and I encourage you to join in the fun of promotion, for this is how we collectively all make more money together. Synergy, baby!

How does The Crown’s Ambassador Program Work?

Once you join The Crown’s Ambassador Program, you’ll receive an email AND a confirmation with a login to your exclusive Ambassador Dashboard. There, you will have access all your affiliate links with your unique Ambassador code. You will also be able to track your metrics, your conversions, and your reports from your Ambassador Dashboard.


unique affiliate links

Just like you do in your own business, use your Ambassador Dashboard to access all of your unique Share Links. These Share Links will place a cookie on the prospective customer's browser for 30 days. As long as the customer purchases from your site using the same browser and the purchase is made within that 30 day time period, the transaction will be counted as an Affiliate transaction. You take a percentage of each sale made from anyone who clicks on your Share Link and completes a purchase on your site within 30 days and using the same browser.

Your links are to both the sales pages and the offer or “checkout” pages. You can test which ones work best with your audience.

All of our self-study courses and membership programs, like The Princess Process are evergreen, meaning you can promote them at any time in your business, for when you feel is a good time to add value to your audience, or if you feel inspired to make some extra cash flow that month.


Once you’re inside, within 24-48 hours you will gain access to the VIP Crown’s Ambassador’s group available ONLY to our Ambassadors. This is where you can bond, connect, mastermind, share your strategies, and get to know the other ambassadors who are loving these programs as much as you.

This is also where all of monthly training sessions will be going down, as well as any updates or upcoming launches for The Queens Way or other programs will be happening.

Both my Queen Team and I will be adding NEW value each month to help you make more income and impact as an ambassador like cheat sheets, sales scripts, and video trainings.

so you can Start growing your empire right now…

What Can I Make and How Do I Get Paid?

Your commission payments will be via PayPal and you will be paid on the 30th of every month. There are three ways to profit as an Ambassador.

No.1 - 50% commission from self-study courses

These are evergreen courses, meaning they are available to anyone at anytime and are not set on any specific launch schedule. So you can sell any one of them or all of them whenever you want to add some more value to your audience on a specific topic.

The full prices for each of the courses are listed below, and next to the full price is your commission amount in bold. You receive 50% commissions for of all our self-study courses, which includes…

The-Princess-Process-Email-Header (3).png

No.2 - 50% Commission on Membership Programs

You receive a 50% commission every month for every member who signs up using your Share Link for as long as they stay a member of the program. These programs include…

So, let’s say you get 10 friends to join The Princess Process with you. You would make $495 a month just by being in a program with your friends!!!

That’s an extra $5,940 a year!

That’s a luxury weekend vacation with your man to Mammoth. That’s your mortgage payment covered for a month (if you live in California…if you’re outside of CA, that’s a few of your mortgage payments 😉). That’s your upgraded CRM software investment that you can make back into your business.

no.3 - 10% commission on PREMIUM PACKAGES

Ambassadors make 10% from every client they refer who purchases 1:1 coaching with me in one of my premium packages. Now, unlike with selling the self-study courses and membership programs, the client does have to put your name down on their application as the Ambassador who referred you (so be sure to tell them to do so), and you must be enrolled in our Ambassador program in order to receive the commission.


  • Paid in Full ($3,500, so you would get $350)

  • Payment Plan (8 monthly payments of $840, so you would get $84/month for 8 months = $672)

Queen-B(business) Building Package

  • Paid in Full ($5,000, so you would get $500)

  • Payment Plan (6 monthly payment of $1000, so you would get $100/month for 6 months = $600)

Platinum Package

  • Paid in Full ($6000, so you would get $600)

  • Payment Plan (5 monthly payments of $1,440, so you would get $144/month for 5 months = $720)


  • Paid in Full ($10,000, so you make $1,000)

  • Payment Plan (6 monthly payments of $2,000, so you would get $200/month for 6 months = $1200)

How Do I Join + What Does It Cost?

This program only costs you the amount of time that you want to put into promoting our products and programs.

You can join by being a previous customer or client with Crown Yourself, so you’ve purchased something from us - whether you have it’s an $11.11 self-study course or a $15,000 coaching package - it doesn’t matter the price tag, it just matters that you’ve experienced the goods to some degree. (We’re all about selling from a place of integrity here.)

Or we have formed some other form of joint partnership or strategic B2B alliance. For more information on this, please email


Disclaimer: We believe in selling with integrity and practicing what we preach. And we hold the same standard for our affiliates. While it is not required to be or have been a customer or client, if you’re promoting benefits that you have never personally experienced, then that is out of integrity.

Do yourself a favor, stay in integrity and align with what you sell. Do NOT join this program if you’re looking for a “get-rich quick” sort of thing. While we have done the work of creating these products and programs, like anything, promoting our products and services takes work on your end. You get exactly what you put into it.


Are There Any Risks to Becoming a VIP Member?

If you don't absolutely love the program, or don’t feel it is of benefit to you, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails or reaching out to us at

To join, all you gotta do is click below and sign up. Then sell away!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an influencer with a massive audience, do I still only get 50%?

We love the fact that you have a huge audience. In order to be fair to all of our Ambassadors, no matter whether you’re an Ambassador to a large “country” (i.e. audience), or a small audience, our commissions are exactly the same across the board. Audience sizes don’t necessarily mean engagement numbers and conversions. We believe in giving each of our Ambassadors an equal opportunity to grow their country to as profitable as they desire. We feel our commissions are very generous, and if you disagree, you are more than welcome to seek affiliate opportunities elsewhere.

I’M NOT AN ENTREPRENEUR, CAN i still become an ambassador?

Abso-freaking-lutely! Whether you’re a college student, business owner, serial entrepreneur, or career-woman, you are still influential to your “kingdom” (i.e. your audience, your peeps, your friends, your squad). By sharing our products and services, we want to reward you for sharing even if it’s just with your friends and family over dinner. This is how, even if you’re on a fixed income or if you’re in a salaried position you can attract more wealth into your life!

So the question is, do you want to make money now or later?

What if I don’t have a big following or a newsletter list yet?

You don’t need one. You still have friends, family, and people who love and trust you and your opinion. Sometimes micro-influencers are even more efficient. I had my first $10,000 month with a list of under 370 people. It’s not about the numbers you have following you. It’s about how you can serve and help others achieve their goals.

How much work will it be?

You can put as much or as little work into it as you like. The products and programs are there for you to profit from when you use your unique Share Links. My whole intention with this program is to NOT have this take away from any other things that you’re doing in your business. You’re already sharing, blogging, live streaming, and videoing you using products and services that you love, except for now, as an Ambassador these you didn’t have to take the hours and hours to create them, and you have opportunities for recurring passive income.

Like I said, I’m all about having this be easy. So no more than 30 minutes to a couple of hours a week.

How long is the program?

It’s for however long you want to be a part of it. As of now, we have no cut off date in mind for this program. However, should you no longer like to be a part of it, and you inform Crown Yourself Enterprises, LLC, in writing that you would like to cancel your Ambassador status and leave the program, you will no longer receive commissions.

Is this a direct marketing or multi-level marketing thing?

Nope. This is a simple, straightforward, one-tier affiliate program.

Here’s how it works and why it’s different than direct marketing or an MLM:

So if your friend, Sally, decides to purchase a product using your Share Link and she then decides to become an Ambassador and refer another product to Jane, you don’t make money from Jane. You do make money if Sally purchases other products or services from your Share Links. Makes sense, right?

Can I use my own share links to make purchases for myself?

For our memberships and programs, as a perk of being an Ambassador, you can use your own Share Links to purchase any digital product or members for 50% OFF. This gives you extra incentive and ability to sell with integrity. So you do

However, you will not be given 10% commission, from your own purchases of any premium packages or services (i.e. coaching packages, consulting packages, masterminds etc.). But, you will, when you refer your friends!

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this program or would like to request coaching for the following week, email, and myself or one of my Queen Team members will get back to you with an answer. You’re an Ambassador so you get priority response. Just type “Ambassador” in the subject line of your email.

What tools will I need to be a member of THE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM?

All you need is a computer (or smart phone), an email account, and a Facebook account. You can even go old school and use word of mouth and Tupperware parties to share. But you will need access to your unique Share Links in order to be credited commission for the sale - thus the reason for the computer/smart phone.

Why is it 50% for courses and memberships and 10% for Coaching Packages?

Because for courses and memberships are already passive income for us. However, for private coaching packages, they still involve my personal time as a coach and mentor. You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. That’s why when I share my time, energy, and expertise with my private clients, it’s a 10% commission for my Ambassadors.

Industry standard is to NOT grant any referral commission for coaching referrals. But, at Crown Yourself, gratitude is our standard, which is why I am happy to share 10% of the sale for the amount of energy that you put out in bringing us that referral. And I’m excited to carry it the other 90% with my time, energy, skillset, and expertise for the duration of that client’s package. Sound fair?

Are there any leagal things I should know about before joining?

We are all about integrity here at Crown Yourself. If you are receiving compensation for sharing about a product or a service, just let your friends know. It’s called an Affiliate Disclaimer. (You should have this on your website anyway if you offer affiliate links to any other products or services like to Amazon or some other site.)

If you post about our products or services on a blog, again, just have a disclaimer that you are being compensated for your opinion. It’s only fair to let people know that your opinion could be influenced by the fact that you do receive compensation. It does not make the information, products or services you are sharing any less valuable, important, or helpful. In fact, this level of transparency does build even greater trust, because you’re just sharing something that you’re already passionate about and are open about all the facts, including your own financial benefit, should someone decide to purchase.

A simple Affiliate disclaimer like this will do:


This post contains affiliate links, meaning, I recommend products and services I’ve used or know well, and I may receive a commission if you purchase them too (at no additional cost to you.)


Just copy and paste that above text with every post - in a blog, on social media. Basically be transparent, and we’re all good.

wHY did you create the ambassador program?

I preach having an abundance mindset in my business and life, and it’s been something I have been working on for years. Because of that, I believe in living congruently in practicing abundance in my business. Honestly, I would much rather reward you for sharing your experiences with our products and services than pay a big company like Facebook for advertising. That’s why your commissions come directly out of our profit margin. I believe in paying it forward. It is my greatest goal to have more good-hearted, mission-minded, soul-centered. purpose-driven female entrepreneurs in the world making more income and more impact (That being said, you can totally still join if you’re a man and we welcome you with open arms)

We’ve got the champs on ice for you on the other side. So the question is…

Do you want to make more money now or later?