How to Be More Confident

Do you find yourself backing down, when you know you should speak up? Or maybe you’ve been putting off that business...for years...because you just aren’t feeling confident yet? Discover how to work your confidence muscle like you would your bicep here...

Stop the glorification of being "busy."

There’s a huge difference between being busy and actually getting shit done. How much has your BUSY-ness pushed you up that ladder toward where you want to be? How much farther are you toward achieving your goals? Learn how to tell if you are actually moving the needle or stuck in “Productive Procrastination.”

How to Improve Confidence (brought to you by a man in a speedo...)

You don’t necessarily need to rock a speedo to be confident, but you definitely need confidence to rock and dance in a speedo. Learn how to be confident with or without the tighties. (But, you can always rock them should you feel the need)