Courtship Confessions: How to Deal with Old-School Dating in the Modern Era

Being successful and single can suck. I feel ya! You know you know how to do some things right, but the whole love-thing may have your panties in a bundle around where to find the men, how should you act, and what are the rules of relationships in the modern dating era. That’s why we’re diving into love with my guest, Laura Lee Wood on this week’s #QueenConvo

How to Live Like a Sexy Mama with Luci Lampe

Choosing to have twins - a business and a baby - and grow them both at the same time is no easy feat. So, when I was 7 weeks postpartum, I called in an expert to chat. All hail, fellow Queen, Luci Lampe, founder of the Sexy Mama Movement. In this interview we talk self-judgment, productivity, and creating your vision for more than just your business.